Writing Samples


Disabled Access in Wales – 1, 2, and 3 (celticos.com, 20015)

New Zealand Temporary Ban Lifted (Seren Issue 250, 2015)

Plant Nanny (A Review) (Seren Issue 255, 2016)

Articles for MyPartTime.com (Various)


Script Writing

Flying Arrows (2016 SCSM Annual Screenwriting Competition 2nd place)

Deadline Dates (Short screenplay)

Slippers and Sewing Needles-(ACT ONE) (BA Dissertation project, Act One)


Experimental Writing 

Historical Piece – Auchindoun Castle (2016)

Fiction – Smiling Alone (2013)


Short Fiction

Twitter-fiction (on-going)

Boiling Over (Deakin University Magazine “Wordly”, 2015)

Daddy’s Girl (Cafelit 4 Anthology, 2015)