Pixar Short Review – Bao (2018)

Everything about Bao says that it should be one of Pixar’s greatest shorts and yet it fails to live up to that expectation. With a disconnect between the story and the target audience and no emotional build up in the first act, it just doesn’t quite manage to do what it sets out to do. Cute, but rather empty.  … More Pixar Short Review – Bao (2018)


Pixar Short Review – Lou (2017)

I’d been trying to decide which Pixar short I should review next, as they are something I’m passionate about and also quick to review, but hadn’t found one that grabbed my attention until I finally spotted Lou. It has everything I love best in a Pixar short: strong narrative without unnecessary dialogue, good animation, and a compelling story.  … More Pixar Short Review – Lou (2017)