Victoria Hanley’s The Seer and the Sword (2000)

Someone posed a question on Twitter: Who is your ideal man from literature? Naturally this meant I had to re-read Hanley’s The Seer and the Sword to see if my answer was still Landen. … More Victoria Hanley’s The Seer and the Sword (2000)


Nanowrimo Round-up – What next?

November is over and with it Nanowrimo, leaving us with hopefully at least some of our aims met, a clearer plan of our project, and probably a good handful of future project ideas to hide in a drawer somewhere until the time comes to play with them again.  … More Nanowrimo Round-up – What next?

Nanowrimo #23 – Freewrite Friday

In some ways, the character in this chapter is kind of the central character’s opposite. Almost like a discarded or false hero, I guess? Their character arcs seem to mirror each other, which is interesting to me as a writer at least, and I hope it is to readers as well. But, since I mentioned this moment yesterday, I thought I’d give it a try for freewrite Friday. Poor boy.  … More Nanowrimo #23 – Freewrite Friday

Nanowrimo #22 – Emotional Journeys

To me, stories are all about character journeys. I would be – and have been – quite happy to follow a story where there is little external action if the character’s emotional arc works for me. And I write this way too. Some of the best stories that I’ve written have pretty much had the characters doing very little externally, or just going about their day, but what’s happening internally creates the interest and conflict. I focus more on their internal journey than their external one.  … More Nanowrimo #22 – Emotional Journeys

Nanowrimo #21 – Character Week Round-up

So following the pattern of previous weeks, I wanted to some sort of favourites round-up for this week’s focus, character, but I was also somewhat wary about it as well. Why? Because, while there is a good dash of subjectivity within my favourite storyworlds and magic systems, it’s easier to look at them through a more critical lens and think about why they work well from my perspective. With characters… there are some you get attached to on a more emotion-driven basis that has nothing to do with how well-constructed they are. … More Nanowrimo #21 – Character Week Round-up

Nanowrimo #20 – Compelling Characters

A well-written protagonist draws the reader in. They feel believable but compelling. They help the story feel real. But sometimes (and it’s almost always the protagonist but can be a character with an eerily similar name to the author) there can be something a bit… off with the protagonist. Something about them breaks that immersion.  … More Nanowrimo #20 – Compelling Characters

Nanowrimo #19 – Character Building

When I was little, my sister and I used to create lots of stories. Sometimes together, sometimes apart. Sometimes as part of the intricate on-going web of drama in the imaginary lives of our soft toys, but also sometimes just for stand-alone stories that would last only a day. But, as with my adult writing, these stories would grow from the character. … More Nanowrimo #19 – Character Building

Nanowrimo #18 – Character Archetypes

Yesterday I spoke about perspective, focusing on the fact that each character probably sees themselves as the story. In most fiction, however, this isn’t the case. You can’t write every character to be the hero – it just wouldn’t work (unless, of course, there was only really one character in the story, and their conflict with some external act of nature). So we give each character a role, leaving only one or two characters as the heroes. Everybody else? Well, they’re the best friend. The villain. The mentor. … More Nanowrimo #18 – Character Archetypes