About Kate


Writer. Creative. Hard-working. Experimental. Obsessed with strong narratives. Adventurous. Funny. Punny. Bad at sport- Wait, supposed to be selling myself here… Great spectator. Can make cakes (badly). Terribly honest.

The reasons for this blog include…

1. Passion. I enjoy writing. I also enjoy watching, reading, and otherwise consuming things sourced from the written word. During my time at Bangor University (graduating in 2016 with a First in Creative and Professional Writing, I might add) I found that my education was leading my opinions of various text-based mediums to change because of the way I was beginning to think as a writer. I have developed, as one of my lecturer’s suggested, an informed opinion. The interplay of my writer self and the self that is a consumer of written things interests me and (I hope!) may be interesting to others.

2. Practice. Most of the advice given to writers starting out is that we need to constantly be writing. Or reading. Preferably both. I, meanwhile, dip and dodge between projects unless I have something pushing me to carry them out. I’m great when there’s a deadline but when there’s not… It can be hard to keep pushing through the writer’s block. A public platform where I write things which do not relate to any of my current projects will hopefully free me from the various blockades and push me to write.

3. Pride. I’m vain and I like seeing my work. I like receiving comments about my work too. I no longer have university newspapers or magazines to contribute to any more so this blog will be an alternative public platform. Love me!

Other Random Facts

I wrote my first book before the age of five. It was four, very small, pages long called Felix in Love. I did all the illustrations too. I have a feeling my pictures of the two cats were more impressive than my narrative arc. My mother still has the book somewhere.

I am allergic to cats. But I love them so much! Three out of four of my significant early works included cats in important roles. Cats rule.

I am a night owl. I am writing this at 1am. This may not be a wise choice and I am very tired.