The Nintendo 2DS – not bad but not my game… boy

So I’m going to do things a bit differently in the next couple of posts (and I hope you all don’t mind). I’ve talked a lot about the things I watch, stories I read, media I consume, but have mentioned far less about how I consume this media. Technology has impacted the way we do things, and I definitely use a hell of a lot tools, so why not review some? Let’s start with my Nintendo 2DS.

The 2DS first came out in 2013 (and I got mine a couple of years later) and is much like the Nintendo 3DS but without the fold-y-over capability or 3D functions. Though it’s several steps up from the classic Gameboy, it is still mainly a Pokemon platform for me.



The slate-style system moves the 2DS closer to the shape of classic Gameboy systems and makes me think of the first Gameboy Advances. The two screens are sized well and offer great detail. Mine is red and white – a combination I quite like. But do I find it attractive?

If I’m honest, no. I find the shape unappealing and don’t fully understand why the 2DS doesn’t share the same look as the Nintendo 3DS. Why can’t it fold over and become more compact? And why do I always want it to be the other way around? I also find the size to be quite clunky. Maybe I’ve gotten too used to my phone or I’m desperate to go back to the old Gameboy size, but I genuinely struggle with the size and the weight of the 2DS. It limits how long I tend to play because it doesn’t fit comfortably in my hands. Yes, they are tiny and this may be a factor…


Do you really need to ask? It has some really impressive graphics for a handheld system and they are enjoyable to watch. They’ve greatly improved from the early days of Gameboy but haven’t really gone down the photo-realistic route (I hope they never do).

Battery Life

I’m pretty impressed with the battery life on the 2DS. I’d gotten rather used to my Kindle being the winner of all my technology when it came to battery life but the 2DS gives it a good run, especially when you consider the bigger battery-draining pressures a gaming system faces. I’ve never tried to track just how long my 2DS lasts but I know that I can play it solidly on trains between Scotland and the Welsh coast without any worries. Can’t say the same for my phone…

Game Options

There has been a great number of Pokemon games released that are suitable for the Nintendo 2DS so I’m certainly not complaining. It allows for games that were targeted towards the Nintendo 3DS and the old DS, leaving a good number of options, but I will admit that my priority remains Pokemon.


As the progeny of the Nintendo Gameboy, I can appreciate the Nintendo 2DS. It does what I need it to; last a train journey and play Pokemon. But I just don’t love it. It doesn’t sit nicely in my hands and (I will childishly admit) it’s not pretty. My 2DS has sat on my floor, in plain sight, for the past couple of months and I haven’t had the urge to play it. Unfortunately, that tells you everything.


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