Introducing A Writer Reviews

Hi guys,

Welcome to my new blog that revolves around reading, writing, and reviewing. It all started because I noticed that being a writer influences the way I see things like movies, games, and novels. Anything with a text-based origin. I figured that some people may find this point of view interesting and, let’s be honest, it gives me a platform to basically speak aloud as I think about why I have certain opinions. I’m someone who can come out of a film that I otherwise enjoyed, nitpicking at different things because it didn’t make writer-ly sense to me, so forcing myself to think out WHY I have issues or praise (rather than just going wrong, wrong, wrong) will hopefully make me a better person to go to the movies with.

Feel free to request reviews – if it interests me then I’ll be up for it. And also, feel free to disagree. My opinions are only my own and don’t mean to poo-poo on something you love.


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